Cara brings to the table some 15 years of hands-on and strategic business management experience, and particularly the experience of operating a medium to large business operation in the Northland region.

As a human resources specialist she has been responsible for recruiting and piecing together highly effective teams of people capable of building greater all-round business value.

A part of her business philosophy, and approach, is to help clients build positive and productive working relationships from a base of shared knowledge, skill and trust throughout an enterprise. Done well, such strong team working environments deliver increased productivity, greater personal reward and overall better business results and outcomes.
Winning Employment Solutions means your people grow and develop with your business, making your life easier and more rewarding too.

Our experience

Merv and Cara Pinny owned and operated the Pinny Farms Group for over fifteen years, recently selling the farms in January 2016, and Merv owned and operated farms prior to this for over fifteen years. The Pinny Farms employed at the peak 65 employees across ten dairy farms and five beef farms and for the last four years between 55 to 38 employees on seven dairy and three beef. The farms productivity and standards improved every year with the last year having six farms receive merits for milk quality and two of these also received Grade free certificates out of seven dairy farms there was only one who fell short.

Between 2007 and 2014 Merv and Cara converted a large beef farm to dairy and recommissioned a further two dairy sheds into productive smaller dairy farms. Primarily most of the development was done with the internal contracting and development team. Their experience and knowledge in project management on farms lead to successful projects completed on time and under budget.