Recruitment is the first and most crucial ingredient to a positive and productive business. The ideal recruitment process is to hire the right ‘fit’ for your existing team and workplace culture. This is paramount to the success of new employees ‘fitting in’ and will improve staff retention, and in turn improve productivity and efficiency across the organisation.

What can we do...

To hire the right ‘fit’ for your organisation we look at the whole picture: what is the existing team’s values and work ethics and how this aligns with the objectives and strategy of the organisation. What is your vision for the business and how you want the new employee to ‘fit’ into this …

Person Specification – What is required for the job? A person specification will help you determine the essential and/or desirable qualifications, skills and experience needed for the applicant to be successful in the role.

This is important when screening applicants to look for the traits, skills and attributes that will strengthen the team in a harmonious and constructive way. It also allows for compromise on qualifications that the business can provide training for to enable hiring the person who demonstrates the best attitude and work ethic.

Job Advertisements – Tailored to target the right pool of applicants

Assessment of applicants - Based on the person specification

Reference Checking and Shortlisting Applicants – Thorough pre- employment screening based on the clients selection criteria and reference checking outcomes

Interviewing Applicants – This may also include being part of the interview panel for shortlisted applicants

Job offer letters - Including presenting salary/wage offers encompassing salary + added benefits in a persuasive manner

Salary and benefit research - Analysis and recommendations for new positions to ensure the business aligns with competitors

Induction and Orientation - Help ensure you have a good induction/orientation plan in place so the new employee has the right tools and support they need to be successful in their new role

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