Helping to build, chose and implement the processes, standards, people skills and relationships that enable your organisation to have a competitive advantage.

Our Services

  1. Human Resource Administration

  2. Health and Safety

  3. Training and Development

  4. Specialised services in the farming sector

  5. Change Management

  6. Employee Relations

  7. Interview Coaching and C.V Tailoring
    How do you make a lasting impression at your interview so you walk away leaving them thinking you’re a great fit for the job? There are many helpful tools and resources that when applied well can help you achieve exactly this.

What we can offer?

With our experience we bring a unique and fresh approach to help you achieve your farming goals. With Merv’s farming operation expertise and Cara’s human resource expertise we can help you get the most from your two biggest assets; your farms and your people. Our sound knowledge in the industry can give you practical and achievable advice that will head you in the right direction.