We believe in the power of combining winning employment selection with relationship and value development and a shared understanding of purpose and direction.

Induction, orientation and initial training plan

This is a crucial area of recruitment that can make or break your new employee’s ability to succeed in their new role. The sink or swim method is normally only successful on the small minority!

It is our belief that with a good induction plan implemented the employee has the right tools and support they need to be successful in their new role. If time is short we can come in and go through this with them for you and/or do their first month assessment and report back on how they are adjusting and fitting into the organisation.

We all know the cost of turnover can be high getting staff settled in and productive sooner can save a lot of time and frustration.

Training and Development

Personal and professional training and development plans for all levels of employees, will improve productivity and encourage commitment, loyalty and improve employee retention.

What we can do;
We can help you put together a good training plan for your employees with the individual aspect highlighted to ensure you are capturing what will motivate your employee personally as well as professionally. You may be willing to help or contribute to some of their personal goals that in an abstract way contribute to their work performance ie: exercise / sports team or a volunteer role that creates good PR for the company. There are many ways in which you can build a strong win:win relationship through a good well thought out and implemented training and development plan.

Training workshops – Designed to target your business needs

Managing employees – Training managers and supervisors in how to form good lasting working relationships with their staff

Team work - Engaging and motivating employees to achieve better team work and productivity (this is for all levels of staff and is better if it is mixed levels of hierarchy)

Employee relations – For management and supervisors, an interactive workshop discussing best practice in handling employment disputes, culture and performance issues in order to get the best results

Performance management

Performance reviews - Everyone wants to know how they are doing in their work, they want to be acknowledged for what they do well, and feel supported and encouraged to grow and learn more while also hone their existing skills.

We can help you put together meaningful performance review templates for the roles in your organisation with clear measurable performance targets/goals linked to employee’s job descriptions.

We can help identify individual career goals and aspirations and link these with the organisation goals and objectives to create a beneficial training and development plan for both parties. Research has shown this encourages deeper commitment and loyalty from employees.